Saturday, February 25, 2017

They won't stay Dead!!!!!!!!

Different faces of the true KING OF THE MONSTERS

Night of the Demon (1957) aka Curse of the Demon (1957)

The City of the Dead (1960) aka Horror Hotel (1960)

Night of the Eagle(1962) aka Burn, Witch, Burn (1962)

Assignment Terror (1970)

Can you hear me Major Tom???

All the Colors of the Dark (1972)

They exist. They bear the mark of the devil inside them. They may be your neighbors. They may be your wife, husband, sweetheart. They may even be your children. Their time has come.

He Was On The Verge Of Becoming A Man... Eater!

We dare you to watch the last 30 minutes of this film without screaming, covering your eyes, or running from your seat. This motion picture contains scenes of extremely graphic and violent horror. WARNING!

They planted the LIVING and harvested the DEAD!

We Warn You! Don't Eat Before You See the Show and You'll have Nothing to Lose!!

Danielle Harris